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My name is Jessica…

I am a Digital Content Creator, Social Media Manager, WordPress Website Designer and Creative Marketing Consultant in British Columbia, Canada.

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I manage your digital and social media ‘stuff’!

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Digital Services, Marketing and Social Media Services by Jessica Tucker Creatives

She’s doin’ WHAT now?  Ya, I heard you!

I have been playin’ around with websites and social media for more years than I care to remember…

After coming to the realization I am somewhat of a “serial web designer” (tap here to take a peek at my digital projects), I also realized that I actually learned quite a lot about web design, WordPress, social media and digital marketing.

It stuck, I got hooked and now I help others shape and grow their business online!

Through my many years working in customer service, tourism and marketing based jobs, I always had my ‘online’ projects.

Our online landscapes change so quickly, technology advances, unless THIS is your business it can be difficult to keep up with it all at times.

Learning new skills and adapting old, with the times, is all part of the job, my job.

I am here to “keep up” for you!

Have questions about your online business?

Need help with a web design, social media or digital project?

 Let me know:)

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