Are you protecting your privacy online?

How much do you really value your privacy?  Has privacy, like many aspects of our pre-digital life, become truly obsolete?

I realize this is by no means a new concept, however in the wake of recent rumors aboard the web regarding a new release of Facebook Privacy updates, as well as the recent Kardashian robbery in Paris (READ about it in this recent article via, I felt this a topic in need of some discussing.

Kim Kardashian and the Kardashian / Jenner clan, who have built multiple empires through the use of the internet and social media, are unfortunately a great example of this, often found to be the victims of their free thinking and casualness towards online and information privacy.

Internet Privacy and Security Blogpost by Jessica Tucker CreativesThe Problem with Social Media

It all brings me to wonder exactly how desensitized we have really become to our privacy, or lack there of. What concerns me the most, many people do not even seem to care!

We all interact, react and digest the internet in different ways, right?  Of course, sure we do!  As individuals, we each have a different comfort level, or threshold, of what we think and feel is an acceptable level of ‘sharing’ online.

Some of us, would never dream of sharing our personal feelings, our day to day activities, photos of our loved ones, let alone our address or place of work, anywhere online.  Others, freely divulge ever part of their day from the ingredients of their breakfast, their favorite shopping spots, hideouts, to even the dark lit shadows of their bedrooms… And some even get paid for it (like the Kardashians)!

Protecting your Online Privacy

Protect your privacy online Blogpost by Jessica Tucker Creatives

In the midst of all of the privacy updates and ever changing and growing technology industry, is the friendly internet and smart phone user…  Many of whom, do not know how these updates and advancements in technology may be affecting them and more importantly, might ultimately be silently invading their home.

This is why is so very important that we all be informed, stay up to date with how these social media platforms, our home computer, our mobile phones, our tablets, our smart TVs, how even the GPS in our vehicles, REALLY work.

“Well, I have nothing to hide, so what’s the big deal?”  Yes, I hear you…  

Ask yourself this question though, are you comfortable with a complete stranger having access to all your personal information, your online searches, the websites you have visited, the emails your have written, and an open window peering right into the center of your home?  Probably not, I am guessing.

5 simple hacks for protecting your privacy online

Here is a couple questions for you to consider…

  1. Is the LOCATION Setting on your smart phone (which probably even joins you in the bathroom on occasion) toggled ON, or OFF?
  2. When was the last time you updated online passwords, such as your home wi-fi, your emails and online banking?
  3. Do you leave messaging programs like Skype and Facebook Messenger running in the background of your home PC?
  4. Do you cover up your digital cameras when you’re not using it? (Another great use for Post-Its!)
  5. Last question, promise! Have you checked up on your Facebook Privacy Settings recently?

You might be thinking, “well, this girl is paranoid!”.  Paranoid, No…  I do like my privacy though; I do also feel that no one really gives a shit about what I am eating for breakfast, nor do I feel the need to share my breakfast with anyone other than the person I am eating it with!

Information Privacy Online Blogpost by Jessica Tucker CreativesInternet Privacy and Security

Before Wi-Fi became the norm, before cell phones, electronics and homes turned ‘smart’, this stuff was never an issue.  These days, if you have Wi-Fi, your connected electronics (all of them) are online all the time, whether in use or not!  Although you are not using that camera on the top of your laptop, does not mean someone else out there isn’t.  That post you put up online, meant only for your closest of friends, can be accessed by anyone if they really want to find it.  And for all you photo-editors out there, that photo you cropped and photoshopped, can just as easily be reversed!

The moral of the story… 

Our privacy is only as private as we make it, that’s all I am saying.  It is so brutally important to be aware of exactly what access to your private life you are giving to others!

Would you like to learn more about protecting your online privacy?

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Thanks for reading! Thanks for following along… Hope you have enjoyed the read:)

~ Jessica


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