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If you could go back to when you first began your adventures in blog writing, content marketing and operating a business online, what would you do differently?

What is one tip you would share with yourself of yesterday to make your adventures of today easier?

Thinking back over my years mucking around online and all the information and misinformation I devoured in that time, it got me to thinking about all the souls out there bravely and blindly blogging away without a direction. I couldn’t help but think about how much further ahead I would be now, void of all the misinformation I had received in the beginning AND over the years learning. Much further ahead, I assure you!

While there are plenty of seasoned professional bloggers who have done very well and built successful and lucrative businesses from their blogs, those bloggers worked very hard to get were they are!

Blogging, Strategy and Content Based Marketing Read the Blogpost by Jessica Tucker Creatives

An Internet of Misinformation

I look around at the content available to those new to this world of web blogs, video blogs, social media and content marketing and it is saddening to see how prevalent and misleading this misinformation is for new bloggers!  Promises of six figure incomes, elite lifestyles, stories of freely travelling the globe, and pricey programs promising all the ‘tricks of the trade’.  Everyday there seems to be something new!  You have to ignore it all, find a way to tone it out!

The Truth about Blogging!

To anyone honestly diving into the depths of blogging, digital media and content marketing, the one most important piece of advice I can give is that it is NOT easy! Six figures incomes… Well, maybe… One day!  If you are passionate about it, yes, it can all be very worth it for you!

To all our ‘professionals’ out there, let’s dish it for the newbies!

What is that one piece of advice you wish someone had told you when you were first starting out?

My piece of cake for you…

Draft yourself up a clearly defined Content Marketing Strategy!

There is plenty I would do differently if I could return that that newbie me.  The one major aspect of all of this that I would give much more of my attention to though is strategy!  It sounds so boring almost, but truly, this is the one part of business I would focus on.

This is a large part of why I put together a Content Marketing Strategy package (click here to learn more) for my online business friends that offers exactly this!  In my experience, when your mind is busy creating it can often be difficult to find clarity and very easy to get off track!

Why is Strategy so important?

Without strategy, we are ships sailing blindly on the ocean.  Your content needs direction, a purpose, clarity, or what is the point!

My Biggest Blogging Mistake!

 A lack of strategy was my biggest mistake starting out and one I have paid dearly for!  I eagerly hopped ship with no destination in mind, no route, no path, no map, then the inevitable happened, I got lost at sea!

I just wanted to get writing, I never considered that one day I would be wanting to turn my wee little blog into a revenue generating online business.  If I had know this when I first began, I probably would be generating six figures a year by now!

This is why I stress the importance of strategy, I hate to see others lost at sea, suffering from a lack of strategy!

Time is too precious and money too valuable, to go sailing blindly, whether it be in life, business, or your blog!

What are your thoughts on Strategy?  How developed is your Content Marketing Strategy?

Just a little food for thought for your weekend…

Until next time! ~ Jessica

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