Your business needs these social media platforms!

The social media platforms that exist today are many, as you very well may know!  Which of these are best for boosting your business though?

Snapchat might not be the best place for your business to hang out.  

Facebook, maybe is not the perfect ‘face’ for your business.

Social Media Marketing and Management

A few of these social media platforms are essential to business of today and that of the future.

In the following, I have compiled a group of the social platforms I believe to be the most effective social media marketing platforms for business, large and small.

[Update: October 20, 2016]

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Social Networking for Business


LinkedIn is absolutely a necessity for any online presence!  This is the home of the professional portfolio, the resume and of course, the best place to link up with liked minded business connections.  LinkedIn in the heart of social networking for business!


If your business is in any way aimed at the female demographic, Pinterest is the social sharing platform for you!  Although Pinterest is quickly becoming a gender equal venue, it still does hold a majority of female users.  Get those Rich Pins shined up and head on over, if you’re not already there!


I have to admit I am not the hugest fan of Facebook. No offense, Mark Zuckerberg!  For business though, Facebook is another one of the crucial social platforms that your business would most definitely benefit from using.  Even though I don’t really “Like” it, doesn’t mean millions upon millions of other online users around the world don’t, right?


Gotta use it!  Plain and simple.  Although it can be kind of tight to get it bang on in 140 characters or less (for now anyway) to find real engagement with Twitter, it is definitely one of my favorites.  Twitter is a fabulous place to keep up to date with the buzz of the internet, connect with customers and share your wares with the ‘Twittersphere’.


Some might not agree with me on this one, but I do think that a GooglePlus account should be a given for any business trying to build a reputable online presence.  A basic Google profile page for your business is a good idea, at the very minimum.  Google is Google, whether we like it or not!  If you want to see your business showing up in search rankings as quick as can be, this is the way to do it!

For those social media platforms not included in the above list, I mean no discredit… It’s just business!

Those included above are simply the platforms where I have found the most engagement, the best online conversations and priceless business connections!

You may have found huge success with Instragram marketing campaigns or by using Snapchat to grow your online following.  If so, please share your success stories, the comments are open below! If your business has not yet waded into the virtual surf of social media and internet marketing, there is really no better time like the now!

Would you like some help?

If you are already utilizing some, or all, of the social media platforms mentioned here… High five!

Which of these platforms do you find to be the most effective in regards to engagement?

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