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Throughout my recent online travels, I have noticed an escalating number of social media posts from new bloggers, small business owners, entrepreneurs and ‘the do-it-yourself’ crowd, in need of help with their blog, social media, website, or online business.

These folks have questions, they need advice, sometimes just a friendly push in the right direction, an honest opinion… They are determined to do it all by themselves!

I understand – I am one of those people too!

In light of this, I felt an urge to expand my business services to include an affordable option for those of you just starting out online and determined to ‘do-it-yourself’.

I want to help!

Online Business and Creative Consulting Services

Online Business Consulting Services

Hire me as your online business consultant… Let’s strategize!

My skills, knowledge and expertise to help you, your blog and your online business grow.


Check out the following options…

Your Creative Marketing Consultant Jessica Tucker

30 minute – Business Strategy Sessions

please contact for pricing

(telephone or online bookings)

Email Support – by the month

please contact for pricing

(Get 24/7 Email access and answers to all your online business, marketing and content related questions!)

I help put your PASSIONS to work for YOU! 

I will show you how to utilize the ‘virtual’ powers of the internet, alongside your existing skills, to build a successful brand and profitable business online.

I tell it as I see it… I am blunt and I will be honest!

If your idea is a money sucking, time consuming ‘fire-breathing dragon’ sort of idea, I am going to tell you!

Why me?

Because, there is no one better person to answer those questions than the person who has already made the mistakes, learned the lessons and already paid the price… That’s me!

I’ve been at this for quite a long time now and would love to share with you what I have learned along the way!

My digital NINJA skills!

  • Online Business Strategy
  • Content Creation, Strategies, Calenders & Blogging
  • Niche Selection & Targeting
  • Organic Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Management & Inbound Marketing Tactics
  • Instagram Storytelling
  • Twitter for Business
  • Facebook Marketing & Advertising
  • Web Design (Blogger & WordPress development)

Let me help you turn your idea, your existing online portfolio, small business, or start-up…

Into a thriving online business and revenue generating machine that it deserves to be!

What’s the next step?

To get started, please request your Introductory Strategy Chat today!

Send your request below or Contact Me Here

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