Dazzling Digital Media and Design

For nearly a decade, I have been developing my skills and devouring all the information possible about web design, website management, content creation, social media marketing and generally promoting business online.

Here, I am offering this knowledge and these skills to help your business grow!

Writing has been a passion since I began writing ‘novels’ with my crayons on sheets of colored construction paper… I was one of those kids who enjoyed writing book reports in school.

This passion (minus the crayons) has followed me since, my obsession with writing and creating simply, cannot be tamed!

Digital Services, Marketing and Social Media Services by Jessica Tucker Creatives

Digital Media, Sealed with a Smile!

Real, ‘down to earth’ marketing, design, content, copy writing, advertising, business management, strategy and consulting services, delivered on time and with a smile!

Creative Digital Media, Social Media and Design Services

Although I will write and create media for just about any topic or type of business, the following topics are my specialty:

…online media and business, digital content, British Columbia, small business, real estate, tourism, nature, the outdoors, organic gardening, landscaping, fishing, pets, animals, wildlife, environmental conservation, sustainable living, natural and alternative health, medicinal cannabis, home cooking, food & drink…

WordPress & Web Design Services

Whether planning to build your own website or hunting down the best designer for the job, I’ve got the tips, tricks, ideas and services to help create the perfect digital home for your online presence.

You bring the ideas, I take care of the rest!

SEO Copywriting Services

Keyword research, search engine optimization, I’ve got it down to a science!  

From keyword selection, long tail keyword combinations, to the creation of search engine optimized, keyword balanced articles, blog posts and webpage content, this is my ‘bread ‘n butter’!

Wanna see what I do?

Have a peek at my blog post and copywriting, here!

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Hung up on the use of a #Hashtag?  Not quite sure how to grasp GooglePlus?

 Is your social marketing strategy slackin’ and you are not sure where to even begin?

If you have an upcoming project you would like help with, I would love to hear about it!

Contact me HERE for a quote!

Digital marketing and creatives services by Jessica Tucker Creatives

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