Garden Rockin’ is now Online!

Over the last month, I have been ‘busy as a bee’ designing and laying out my network of new niche websites.  In the midst of all the chaos, I decided to also add a totally new garden website to the roster.

Introducing, Garden Rockin’!, the latest addition to my portfolio!

garden website

A garden website dedicated to organic growing techniques, vegetable gardening, desert landscaping and backyard farming, it is here that I will now be sharing all that I’ve got growing!

For quite some time now, my (quite honestly, ancient) organic gardening blog, Garden. Plant. Grow. Eat., has been in dire need of a very serious make-over!  So serious, I decided to completely ditch the Blogger platform and move on to the greener pastures here at WordPress.

I love to garden, grow food, flowers, gather seeds, collect nursery stock, dig in the dirt and design beautiful landscapes.  A gardener by occupation, this is how I spend much of my day and what some might call my ‘day job’.


Being that this is a large part of what makes me, me, and a topic that I am passionately knowledgeable in, it seemed only right to continue writing about my gardening and landscaping adventures.

The Gardens…

I am a firm believer in responsible gardening and gardens with purpose.  I am a grower of food and medicine, outdoor shade for my family, flowers for the insects and birds, friends and family… gardening with purpose!

The Landscapes…

The days of expansive green lawns and water hogging gardens and shrubs are over!  Hardy perennials, native plants, heat tolerant foliage, gardens of succulents, yuccas, or cactus are the new norm.

The new age of landscaping consists of desert like landscapes, dry, arid planting conditions and rock… Lots of rock!  I’ve spent quite a bit of time working with rocks and the more that I moved, the more this type of landscaping made sense.


From soil preparation and plant selection to small garden ideas and backyard garden designs, through Garden Rockin’! I will be discussing it all!

Visit the webpages of Garden Rockin’!, here! ♣

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