How much social media do you really need?

So…. How many social media platforms do you check on a daily basis?  How much of your time is spent swimming though swaths of messages and requests?

Between life and work, for many, there are a multitude of accounts to accompany both. Is it all really that necessary though?

Social media marketing today

You may ask yourself these same questions as you wade through the DM’s, the PM’s, the RT’s and such. I’m telling you, there is a simpler way! To authentically engage with your audience across all networks is a hefty feat.

Less is more and authenticity rules!

Whether it be Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, Tumblr, or Twitter, focus in on where your audience is active, choose the platforms where you find the most engagement and spend YOUR time where it really matters!

Current social media platforms

The type of business that you operate, the kinds of products that you sell and services that you offer, will greatly determine which platforms will bring the most benefit to your enterprise.

Where your business should be vibrant online can quickly be determined by a visit to websites belonging to your competition. Which social media platforms are they focusing their marketing efforts on? Almost too easy, right?

It is not that simple, sadly. This is a great place to begin though!

In answer to the question…

One, to two, social media accounts is really all one should need.

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