How to use Pinterest for small business!

Have you been wondering how to effectively promote your business on Pinterest?

Are you curious if the ‘picture perfect’ platform is even worth including in your social media and content marketing strategy?

Pinterest means Business, really!

My opinion… Pinterest is, most definitely, one social media platform every business should to be utilizing.

How to use Pinterest for Small Business! Read the post...How Pinterest works

From your branded business boards and Rich Pins, to Group Boards, or running your very own Pinterest promotions, there are countless ways to promote via the platform.

You don’t need to be logged in everyday to see results.

You do need to choose a few days of the week when you have about an hour to spare though.

Check in, follow back new visitors, reply to messages, load up any new Pins you have to share and spend some time repining and commenting on others content.

In less than an hour a day, your business will quickly be bathing in the fruits of your labour.

Strategy First!

I strongly suggest spending a bit of time developing a Pinterest marketing strategy for yourself before jumping in, this will save you heaps of time (and headaches) in the future.

  • Think about how you want to showcase your business…
  • Which products or services do you want most featured…
  • What is the overall message you are wanting to convey?

These are all questions you will want to consider as you develop your Pinterest marketing strategy.

The Pinterest Board

Once a business account has been activated, pinboards relating to your niche need to be created, added and filled.

From there, let the pinning begin!

Using Pinterest to sell products?

Did you know it is even possible to sell products right through the platform? You bet you can!

Rich Pins

All you need are some well designed Rich Pins to showcase your wares to the array of interested Pinterest users and watch your new customers fly in by the droves.

My Top 5 Pinterest Marketing Tips

  1. The KISS Rule applies! ‘Keep it simple’, as it is said. Keep your pinboards to a minimum. You need more than one, but try to cap it at fifty, at the very max! It is much better to have a few boards filled with hundreds, or thousands, of relevant pins, than a hundred boards each holding only a few.
  2. Think about your visitors when organizing your pinboards and how they will most logically find the information you are providing.
  3. Delete your Hashtags(#)!  Pinterest does not do hashtags, make sure to remove them from your text content. If you miss some, no biggie!  Your hashtags will not help you here though.
  4. Check the Pin, before you re-pin!  If you are going to share a Pin with your audience, your clients, your friends, wouldn’t you want to make sure that it is what it is, before you go sharing it with them?  Click through the pins and re-pin from the original source to avoid placing spammy pins on your shiney new pinboards!
  5. Have fun with it, be creative and communicate!

How did I do? Did I miss anything? Feel free to add your comments, Pinterest marketing tips or other related info through the Comments section below.

~ Updated March 2017! ~

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