How to Stimulate Creative Thinking

Creativity can sometimes be a pretty tough cookie to break… It is also a necessity when it comes to graphic design, digital marketing, web design, and much of our social media content.  As a digital media designer, finding design inspiration is not always as easy as one might think!  In this age of digital design, it often seems everything has been done once before.

Being original, being unique and pushing creativity to the max is how we must compete!

Creativity is a muscle that we are all born with, it is a skill that requires development and nurturing, creativity is a process that one can not simply spit out of a machine!  Not everyone has an “eye for design” though…  We must first be inspired by something for the creative and design process to begin.

Where do you go to step ‘out of the box’ and find inspiration in this world of digital design?  What sparks your creativity?

Feeling stuck for inspiration?

Inspiration: How to stimulate creative thinking and boost creativity. Blog post via Jessica Tucker Creatives.

Let’s un-stick your creativity stuck!

Head Outside!

My mother always told me, (well, she did…) “there is no better way to clear your head than a good breathe of fresh air!”. She was right, there really is no better way to jump out of the box than to physically “jump out of the box”!  Designs are everywhere, all around us, in nature, in our architechture, in advertisments that surround us on a daily basis and inspiration is calling!

Sometimes we just have to work a little harder to find it!  Grab your walking shoes, your notebook, your camera… Get outside, adventure, find inspiration in the world around you!

Art Galleries, Museums & Libraries

When in need of a little inspiration, what better place to go than directly to the masters, the greats of our creative kind!  And I don’t mean ‘let’s go Google them!” I mean go out and explore these places, take a peek at our history, see how those before us found their inspiration, their creativity!  Visiting places such as these, gives your mind a chance to open, to digest other forms and styles of creative design maybe not similar to your own.

Magazines & Publications

It may be a given, but there is nothing wrong with taking some time flipping through top magazines and publications from the same niche that your are working with. By no means, do I mean to start grabbing up others work… this can be a great source for new ideas and to see what is currently trending.

The Internet…

Yes, the Internet is, of course, is probably the best place to find inspiration…  With social networks and idea sharing platforms like Pinterest, our friendly search engines and sites such as Wikipedia, we are only one click away from a world of information. However, on the flip side… The Internet can also be an extremely distracting choice…

These are just a few ideas to spark your creative fire.  There are many ways and places to find inspiration, we must first set our minds free!Inspire Me! How to stimulate creative thinking and boost creativity. Blog post via Jessica Tucker Creatives.

Where do you go to find inspiration?

Do you have a magical place that you go? What’s your little secret routine? Come on, spill it!  We want to know what drives YOUR creative spirit.

Share your thoughts via the Comments section below…

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