How to Tweet – Twitter Marketing Tips!

Twitter Marketing Tips for your Business

An idea born back in 2006, Twitter has been around now for what seems like ‘digital eons’.

We have used and watched as this platform evolved from the initial 140 character social media platform to the expanded 280 character version that we see now today, with even further expanded ability to allow multiple Tweets to a thread.  For Twitter marketing nuts and users around the globe, this has been a game changer!

However, crafting that perfect copy to fit within the confines of the platform AND still getting your message across, is not always easy!

How do You Twitter and Tweet

How do YOU Twitter?

Well, Twitter users… Let’s hear it!

What’s YOUR Twitter magic?

How long should a Tweet really be to properly convey my message??

What about all these #hashtags, WHERE DO they go???

How often should I be posting and WHEN DO I POST???

For those NOT already following along with today’s Twitter News and posts, or using the platform for daily business dealings, do not let these questions hold you back!


How long is too long?

My thoughts – keep your Tweets, short, sweet and to the point BUT long enough to get your point across!


How many IS too many? 2-3 is great number to aim for! Keep Hashtags on topic and always relevant to your content.

Go wild, get creative! – Hashtags can be placed anywhere in a post but lets keep it logical folks!

Hashtags that do not naturally fall into the Tweet can be included at the end of the post just after your account @mention.


Twitter Timing

The timing and frequency of posts will vary depending on the purpose and intention of your posts.

A small business owner, you may be posting several times a day, or only occasionally, depending upon the individual needs of the business.

Your audience may be predominately online at a different time of day than typical business hours.

When are your EYES online?

Are your viewers logging in on their commute time, or over their morning coffee?  Or, are your viewers more of an evening crowd??

With a little research and some minor trial and error, this can all be dialed in no time!

Twitter Marketing Tips

Final Thought:

Post AWESOME purposeful content… follow carefully… engage authentically!


More Information:

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