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A tremendous year is soon to draw to a close! Will you be as relieved as I, to see the curtain on this year drawn?

No encores, please! I think we all have had quite about enough!!

I will do my best to save you the retrospect, the swooning over another year gone… The rants and raves of what fell upon the world over the span of the last 363 (odd) days of the year.

I quite bluntly, really don’t care to look back on the goings on of 2016 at this point in time!

What I would like to touch base on is the fresh face of a New Year right around the corner and all the opportunities for greatness this upcoming year has in store for us!

Let’s make a deal… Can we all do our best to not let the goings on of 2016 drag down this dawn of a New Year?!?

What will you be taking with you from 2016? What is that one life lesson learned that will be shaping your personal growth in 2017?

I will be doing my best to leave much of 2016 right where it is! What I will be taking with me into this new year is a clear view of my future and a renewed clarity of my true purpose. 2017, in a large way, will be about again embracing the person I truly am, ME. The Me void of unintentionally trying to impress… The weird, the funny, the often a little strange, the messy, ME… No show, no glitter (okay, maybe sometimes), glittered and all, Me!

2017 is going to be the year I go back to living the purpose and the life I know true to me…

The Me that I was going to be when I was five! The dreams haven’t changed much really, they have now morphed into adult versions of the crayon drawings once found laying on the pint-sized table of my childhood bedroom (I will save that for another day!). If I had only trusted that gut feeling from the beginning…

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It can be very easy to lose sight of purpose, of your path, life can take can odd turns, it can slam you face down when you are least expecting it. It is the YOU that gets back up again. It is only you that can make the choice to be better, do better, to strive for better!

If any or all of the above applies to you, here’s a little SECRET for you…

The time has come to be honest with yourself! Honest about what?? About who YOU truly are!

One thing we should all take from this last year…

Time is too precious to not live true to YOU! We get one hitch here, one ride, we can’t forget to make the most and the best of it.

I look into the upcoming year with ‘bright eyes’, a ‘bushy tail’ and hopes of prosperous, peaceful New Year for us all!

 So… What’s driving your 2017? Drop by your comments below!

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