A Gardener’s Kitchen Vol. 1 – NEW Post

Hello all!  Just stopping by to announce a FRESH post has been delivered to the pages of GardenRockin.com. A Gardener’s Kitchen Volume 1, is all about storing your fresh herbs from the garden.

Would you like to learn more about preserving and storing the fresh the herbs from your garden or the extras left over from your store bought herbs?

gardeners kitchen

Come find out how to get the most out of your fresh herbs the whole year through, check out the link below!

Read The Gardener’s Kitchen Volume 1: Storing Fresh Herbs!

This post is the first of my new edible gardening series, The Gardener’s Kitchen. I look forward to sharing my culinary gardening adventures through these volumes!

Please follow along to be notified when Volume 2 is ready for readin’! 

~ Jessica