One Note… Just OneNote!

Hey there friends, fellow content creators, bloggers and business folks!

Now, I am rather embarrassed to admit the following to you today.  I had to say something though just in case there are any others out there, like me, that for some strange reason are not yet utilizing the organizational powers of Microsoft OneNote!

Want to know my digital organization SUPER tip for 2017?  No, well I am telling you anyways! I’ve got two words for you…

Microsoft OneNote!

Do you ever find Post-it notes plastered to the bottom of your shoe, tagging along on your sleeve, or found in the most strangest of places?  

I do sometimes wonder if those little suckers come to life and then sneak away, but where do they go???? Really!

As much as I LOVE my Post-its, my wire-ring binders and my old-school ‘paper’ Planner and Calender to organize my life and business, this content creator’s organization toolkit needed more!

One note… Just Onenote! My digital organization SUPER tip for 2017.

Want to get your office, your ideas, your projects organized in one place? OneNote is the solution!

I don’t know about you, but my work space (physical and digital) can quickly become the messy haven of Post-It Notes!  Ideas, notes, reminders, phone numbers, email addresses, then add in all the ‘brain junk’ a content creator can produce… Those little babies can stack up quickly! In our business, an idea lost can hurt.

Why I have not been using OneNote all this time is beyond me…  It took a whoppin’ 10 seconds to download the OneNote app, then roughly another five minutes to set up the app online AND get my organizational skeleton all laid out for 2017!

How to use OneNote

It’s REALLY Easy!  If you have not already downloaded your free version, TAP HERE to download OneNote.  From there you simply sign into OneNote with a Microsoft email account and you will quickly be on your way to organizing all your digital stuff.

The best part, OneNote syncs across all your devices! Just install the App, login and all your notes are right there!


  1. Login to your personal OneNote with your Microsoft email account.
  2. Add your NEW “Notebook”, as prompted.
  3. Add a Title to your new Notebook. (Keep in mind one Notebook is allocated per email account so name it wisely! Your ‘stuff’ will be organized as “Notes” or “Pages”.).
  4. Add “Notes” via the (+) button found on the right-hand side of the “Quick Notes” bar. These Notes will be displayed vertically across the top of your Notebook. These Notes are in other words, the sections or chapters within your Notebook.
  5. Next, you will need to add in “Pages” within the “Notes”. Similar to adding the above Notes, a new Page can be added via the (+) button found on the left-hand side of the page, directly below the “Quick Notes” title bar.
  6. Add in your “Page” titles and you’ll be good to go!

How you organize your OneNote is completely up to you and what’s cooking in your world!  

I will tell you though, for the blogger, the content creator, the social media manager, for all you creative cookies out there…

OneNote is the ‘Post-It obsessed’ note-takers organizational dream come true!

I love it, simply love it!  Save links, collect up screenshots, leave yourself notes for later, all my ideas thoughts and stuff now nicely organized by project and ready for the grab, right there in front of me. No more ‘Memo’ text files on my smart phone, no more messy desk, no more exploding wire-ring notebooks!

Oh, there is still Post-Its and notebooks of course, however the rainbow splash of neon squares is now minimal and the notebooks scattered on my desk are less than they were.

OneNote, I love you!

So, how long have been organizing yourself via OneNote? (I feel so very behind the times at the moment… just sayin’!)

Have your own organizational tricks, OneNote tips or related info our friends might find helpful?

Share your thoughts via the comments sections below!

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