Pre-built vs Custom Website Design

Searching for the perfect pre-built website design can be a difficult endeavor. Finding the right web designer for your project can be even tougher though!

Before you spend a dime on custom website design…

Here are a few questions you might want to consider before diving in!


How much are planning on spending on your new website?

One of the greatest differences between a pre-built and custom made website is going to be the PRICE!

A customized web design can cost you anywhere between a couple hundred dollars to easily thousands, depending upon the size and details of your project.

While a pretty pre-built, customized website template can be purchased for often less than the cost of a Starbuck’s coffee.

Need I say more… I will!


What level of computer abilities do you bestow?

You may be much more qualified to do it yourself, than your thinking!

If you are planning on posting your own posts and maintaining the new website yourself – you are probably already capable of the final, minor Blogger or WordPress template customizations.

A pre-built template may really be all that you need!


What kind of website are you building? 

Your website design needs and customization abilities will greatly vary depending on the type of website you are planning to build!

If a basic but beautiful blog is what you are after, a pre-built Blogger or WordPress template will likely serve you best!

(From one creative mind to another, please do not spend hundreds of dollars on a customized blog design!)

Planning to build an online store that will need to be updated on an ongoing basis?

There are pre-built WordPress and Blogger templates for this too…

However, this may be a project best left to professional web designer, depending on your skill level!


How soon would you like to see your new site up and running?

A good custom website design could take a professional web designer anywhere from a few days, to several months to complete – with many variables coming into play.

Whereas, A pre-built web design is (in most cases) available to you almost instantly!

Yes, there will be some minor customizations to be made but you will find the same with a custom web design!


Pre-built website designs are absolutely perfect for use in creating new blogs, personal websites and ‘fun’ projects!

Custom web design = BUSINESS!