Do you really need a LinkedIn profile?

What are your thoughts on the state of LinkedIn?

Is it still necessary to have a LinkedIn profile in 2017?

With all the social media platforms and online communities prominent today, has LinkedIn become an aged platform of the past?

For the busy entrepreneur, the professional, the multi-tasking freelancer, the free-spirited artist or the designer… One more social media account to manage is the last thing they need on their long list of things to do. Right?

For the new social media user, the multitude of social media platforms around today can quickly become quite overwhelming.  Where do you even begin?  I know, I hear ya!

LinkedIn for Business

For those using social media as a marketing channel for business, it is important to focus in on the platforms that hold the most value to your business.

With 2017, came time to purge!  There were simply not enough hours in the day to manage life, family, business and a bunch of social media accounts, ‘something had to give!’…

LinkedIn, was that something!

For years, my LinkedIn profile lingered idly over in the sidelines of my online existence.  Occasionally, I would throw a little update in there, add a new post, maybe update my profile picture.

It was never a social media platform where I found much value though.  The job postings were nice to have access to, generally though the LinkedIn App on my phone sat untouched… It became a chore to just login.

I admit it!  

I deleted my LinkedIn profile shortly before the new year.  I do wish I hadn’t been so quick to pull the plug as it was one of my oldest social media accounts, it just wasn’t doing it for me though!

I’m curious… How ‘linked in’ is your LinkedIn?

  • For those of you with active profiles, what do you use the LinkedIn for mostly?
  • What are your thoughts on the usefulness of LinkedIn in 2017?
  • What value does it hold for you and your business?

Let’s hear your thoughts, LinkedIn Users!

Has the internet outgrown LinkedIn as the go to professional networking platform online?

My closing thoughts…

The platform is handy to have around as an ‘online resume’ and truthfully, it is an awesome place to make connections online!

Feel free to share your comments below!

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