SiteGround, the best web hosting in town!

On the hunt for the best of secure web hosting?

Wondering where the go to place is to setup up your new WordPress website?

Unhappy with your current web host?

This was me, yesterday… With a handful of existing websites to transfer over and plenty of new ideas on the go!

A web hosting nightmare! 

I had come to the point of boiling frustration with my web hosting service.

After numerous (unsuccessful) tries at installing SSL certificates and other account changes, I was sure that my web hosting was the cause of many of my site and traffic issues.

The move to SiteGround has been on the ol’ To Do list for quite some time now, I was hesitant as I worried the transfer would not be as simple as ‘one-click’.

Well, let me be the first to tell you… I was OHHHH so wrong!

Okay, so maybe it took more than one click, not many more though!

Web Hosting Canada

Initially, I had hoped to find myself a web host based in Canada and had planned to transfer my websites to GreenGeeks, a Canadian web host.

After much research and a couple phonecalls, I was undecided between these guys… and SiteGround.

(For those of you determined to use Canadian based web hosting, GreenGeeks would be my choice and in my opinion… Is the best web host located IN Canada!)

The one-click WordPress Transfer

I wanted a smooth, simple and easy transfer, no messing around…

No more down-time… No more speaking to a crackling voice in a far-off land.

Why SiteGround is the best web host around!

SiteGround web hosting the best web host around

Let me count the reasons…

  1. AWESOME pricing and monthly payment packages
  2. The customer service is always exceptional
  3. Secure, reliable web hosting
  4. One-click WordPress Installs
  5. Minimal downtime
  6. It took maybe two hours to successfully complete the transfer of my entire account, no questions asked!

CLICK HERE to visit SiteGround, check it out for yourself!

In conclusion…

SiteGround web hosting is the all-round best choice for all that I have on the go and is most definitely my top choice for secure, reliable WordPress web hosting.

And there you have it…

SiteGround, the best hosting in town!



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