Social networking for business, Fall 2016!

Have you noticed that the social network you worked so hard to build up for your business is not working quite as well as it was last year, or last month?

Social Media Marketing and ManagementDo your notice your social network and social media marketing strategy seems to shift with the seasons?

Do you return to your strategy every so often to evaluate and update your action plan?

[Update: November 2016]

Let me re-phase…

Do you notice that our popular social media channels seem to almost ebb and flow with the seasons?


Every time a significant change is made to a social media platform, every time a new social network is released, every time a search engine makes a significant change, it is crucial to consider how this change could affect your plans and your online business efforts.

I have always had my favorite social networks, a handful of platforms that I have always stuck with and felt were valuable to my business.  Back in June, I wrote a post discussing these social media platforms.

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With in a week of writing the post, I came to a few sharp realizations and took my own social networking strategy through a ginormous overhaul.

In writing that article I was brought to considering a few different thoughts about my own social networking strategy.

Such as…

1.  What exactly was I trying to accomplish;

2.  How behind I was on many of my projects; and

3.  How ‘over my own head’ I had gotten.

It was time to simplify, time to clean up my mess, time to focus in! 

And this is what I have come up with for Fall 2016!

The most popular social networking sites for business, Fall 2016.


Instagram ROCKS!

Despite some recent changes to the platform, Instagram is a must have for every business.  This is where your audience is!  I wasn’t going to go there, ever.  Then I tried it, now every site I manage has an Instagram account.

Grab a great image, collect up your favorite hashtags, round up a killer caption, load up and hit Go!  Sharing on Instagram is that simple.  My only Instagram complaint is that it is so mobile based and loading up text content via the keypad of a mobile phone is not always that much fun!

Facebook Ads, not so bad!

If you are in Facebook, cool, if not… I completely understand.  I was interested and gave my first Facebook Ads a little trial run.  Glad I did, it changed my outlook on paid advertising.  By no means will I be making this a staple in my online marketing strategies, I will be keeping it mind for future promotions though.

If you have been considering implementing Facebook Paid Advertising in your online marketing plans, I would suggest giving it a try.  The set-up process is quite simple, you are given a ton of different options, can narrow right in to your audience and your ads can even be displayed on Instagram.  It may be worth your time to first watch a quick how-to video, or do a bit of research about laying out your new ads before getting started!

No rules, no set instructions though.  Each of us will find which grouping of these social networks works best for our business.  What works for me, may not work for you. What works for your business may not work for the pizza shop down the street, or the bakery across town.

So, what are your thoughts?  Any Questions?  Do you, as well, find huge value in Instagram?  What is your stance on Facebook Ads?  Feel free to share, below…

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