Super SECRET Social Media Tips for business!

Although my grandmother has nothing do with this at all, she would have loved the tag line!

I do have my own ‘super secret’ social media tips and digital marketing recipe for you though…

Find my social media tips for business in 2017, below!

So, when was the last time you evaluated your social media marketing strategy?  Strategy is so very important and social media, ever changing!  Together, this creates a necessity for regular reflection, evaluation and realignment, in order to stay up to date.

Are you one to keep things simple or do you prefer to operate with a ‘more is better’ philosophy?

More is better, right? I began this all with the belief that MORE was better when it came to social networking, I thought it necessary to be present everywhere all the time. Well, I will be straight with you… It’s not!  Unless you have no other work to do than manage your social media accounts, it is near impossible to be genuinely active across all the platforms and still successfully run a business, even with automation.

Three, for me!

Three platforms are manageable and many of the social media platforms even cross post for you making it that much simpler to stay up to date across the board.

I plan to dial back my social media accounts to three accounts per project and focus on quality posts, real-time engagement and genuinely contributing to each community.  No pre-scheduled posts, no auto-responders, just real-time online interaction.  How exactly I will pull this off, I am not so sure at the moment.

Have a read through the following social media ‘ingredients’ I believe will be the most crucial for business in 2017.

My ‘secret recipe’ for social media success!

If the use of social media for business is new to you and you have yet to set up your social media strategy for your business, my advice to you is to limit yourself and focus on just one or two of the platforms where your target audience resides!

Depending on your comfort level with social media, I would set your limit at two to three social media platforms, five at MAX!  As mentioned above, unless you have bucket loads of free-time to kill, more than five (even more than three), is ‘overkill’!

Social Media Tips for 2017


Instagram. Why?  Because Instagram is an incredibly popular digital storytelling platform that every business should be utilizing! (TAP HERE to learn more about Instagram for business.)  I love working with Instagram, I love designing feeds, graphics, choosing fonts and colours.  If you are looking to catch up with new customers, this is the place online you want your business to be!

Pinterest.  Why?  Because everyone loves to pin cool stuff!  Cool stuff to sell, new content to share? Think there isn’t a place for business on Pinterest? You bet there is!

Twitter.  Why?  Because a Tweet is ‘Short and Sweet’!  For businesses regularly running new stock, sales or promotions, Twitter is an excellent tool for marketing online.  Do you enjoy the challenge of finding new ways to squash and sculpt your message into 140 characters?

Facebook.  Why?  Well, because it’s Facebook.  Whether you like it, or not, for business it is near crucial!  Think about the millions of users around the world logging in to their Facebook account everyday… That is a lot of eyes to be missing your message.

Google+.  Why?  Four words… Google Search Engine Optimization!

Now, for the final INGREDIENT!

Okay… So, this may not be much of a surprise to you and you may already be quite comfortable with video content, many of us are not.  This tip is for those of you brushing off the importance of video content and marketing as I have been.

VIDEO CONTENT!  YouTube, Vimeo, Periscope, Facebook Live, Snapchat video… Are you there yet?  How about an explainer video showcasing how to use your best-selling product or a quick welcome video showing off your team and work space?

Video is THE digital medium for marketing your business online in 2017!

Well, there you have it… My take on the state of digital marketing, content marketing and social media tips for business in 2017.

What do you think?  I know there are several platforms not included above, got one that should be?  Share your social media tips with us via the comments below!

Would you like to know more about how these social media platforms can help grow your business online? 

In the upcoming weeks, I will be posting features discussing each of these social media platforms, in depth, to give you a better view of the pros, cons and SUPER POWERS each platform holds!

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