WordPress: Keep it Simple Silly!

The days of flashy websites and flaring web design are long gone!  To make it today…

The word around town in 2017, is Minimal!

Nearly a month deep into the clean up of my own WordPress sites, I wanted to share some recent discoveries with you in hopes of saving you some of the time I have had to spend recently!

Let me start at the beginning for those of you starting at the beginning!

The ‘Wise Up’ on WordPress Websites, Templates & Plugins

First of all… If you are new to all of this, if you are still unsure of the difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org, if you are rearing to get starting… ‘Hold your horses’!

Creating your new website is not an activity to rush into or through.

With that said, do you have some sort of plan for your new website?   A plan.. You should have!  Pull that idea, the vision, the picture from your mind and at least get a sketch down on paper.

My Number One tip for new users… 


Save yourself the headache, the potential heartache and the time.

WordPress Website Tips for 2017! Blogpost by Jessica Tucker Creatives

Got yourself a WordPress website already?

How may plugins do have installed right now? Honestly!?! I bet you don’t need half of them and most of them are sitting there idly slowing down your load time!

The average internet user is now on social media, their smart phone, a tablet if we are lucky and your site must be optimized for this responsive user!

Are you building a simple blog to catalog your thoughts, a portfolio to showcase your work, is this intended to be an online store, or other type of revenue generating website?

These are some questions you should be considering or already have the answers to as it determines how significant a website will need to be designed and hosted.

Which leads me into one the most common WordPress questions I see floating around online…

What is the big difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org anyway??


WordPress.com is where to go to BLOG, not a lot of frills, quite simple to use and Free!  Your site will be hosted as a sub-site of WordPress and you will be given your unique WordPress URL upon sign-up.  If you are simply looking to write, post your stuff and are not concerned with owning the domain name, this is an excellent option for you.


Have your domain name chosen out already?  Have you decided on your Hosting Provider yet?  WordPress.org where you would be headed! Here you will be given the Themes, the customizations, the plugins and general control needed to create and manage your new .com!

So… WordPress.com or .org? I have to say .org, all the way!

WordPress Hosting?

Can I spare you a great amount of virtual pain? (I feel it important to note that the following is by no means a promotion, an affiliate link, or do I receive any form of remuneration for the following link!)

If you want to talk Web Hosting, head yourself right over to SiteGround and don’t get sidetracked along the way! 

After several long years with my current hosting provider and researching all the existing options for hosting, SiteGround is the ONLY web hosting company I would direct anyone to. 

The service is awesome, their pricing is always competitive and it is a safe, secure hosting solution.  Sure, there are always cheaper options out there… What is that savings going to really cost you though?  (Link in to SiteGround by tapping here!)

WordPress Templates

For those wanting to design their own website, but lack the coding knowledge to start from the ground up, the countless templates available through the WordPress.org platform are there for you to use!

The choices are truly countless with many free and Premium (paid) Themes ready for your customizations!  So many in fact, one can quite easily be overtaken by it all.

What WordPress Theme??

I began this all thinking I needed the latest and greatest Premium WordPress Template.  Not so though!  Truth, there is nothing wrong with FREE!

The WordPress template to look for in 2017 is minimal, responsive and clean…

Remember all those smart phone users out there?  If they pop in to your website and it doesn’t load quickly, or correctly, or if your content blasts out of the screen of their poor little phone because images are not sized correctly, they are probably leaving and not coming back again.

Before jumping in head first with a paid, premium theme, I highly suggest taking some time to flip through the free themes that are available through the Dashboard.

I have resorted back to basic 2017 Theme with several of my own sites because I know the code the clean, I know it will load safely on a smart phone and it was still highly customizable!

WordPress Plugins

If you are not quite sure of what exactly you are plugging in here, plugins are all the Widgets that can be added to your SideBar and Footer areas… They are the additions and special features that can be added to your chosen Template. From social media sharing icons, to the blocks in the sidebar, to web site optimization, there seems to be a WordPress plugin for nearly everything!

This does not mean it is a great idea to go loading up every cool plugin that you come across.  You do not need them all, at all!

Curious which WordPress Plugins you need to properly optimize your website for 2017?

Me too!  Joking!!  I think I finally have it all dialed in for the new year now.

Check back for my next post where I will be sharing my choice for WordPress Plugins and tips for optimizing your website for 2017!

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Thanks for reading!  Hope you enjoyed…

Until next time!